The Full Breath Solution


There are currently over sixty FDA-approved appliances to treat Sleep Apnea; however, they can be divided into two basic categories:

1. Mandibular Advancement Appliances

These are the most common type of appliance used to treat Sleep Apnea.  As the appliance moves the lower jaw to a more forward position, the base of the tongue is also moved forward thereby opening the airway.  This is a time-proven method for keeping the airway open while sleeping and is the treatment of choice for many patients.

2. Tongue Fixation Appliances

Until recently this type appliance was a treatment of ‘last resort’.  Recent advancement in materials, methods and design have been incorporated into a new device called the ‘Full Breath’. Dr. Goldman has completed training and certification and can expertly provide this unique service to those suffering from nightly obstruction of their airway. Excellent results are being obtained with this exciting new modality which works on the same basis as a physician’s tongue depressor. The advantages are that the lower jaw can remain in it’s most comfortable position without needing to be moved into a forward position.  This is particularly helpful in those patients who are prone to TMJ discomfort.  By allowing the jaw to remain in it’s comfort zone many of the side-effects of mandibular advancement can be avoided.  In addition, the appliance is very comfortable and and fits on just one arch as opposed to most other Sleep Apnea oral appliances which require components to be fitted onto both the upper and lower teeth.

Watch this video featuring the inventor of the Full Breath, Dr. Bryan Keropian.  Find out more about this particularly effective solution to the choking and partial suffocation which occur dozens (and even hundreds) of times each night in those suffering with Sleep Apnea.