Dr. Goldman is not one to ‘toot his own horn’ but it gives us pleasure to help people suffering from Sleep Apnea and Snoring!  Here are a few of many acknowledgments we have received:
I sought treatment from Dr. Goldman in the spring of 2011 after ten years of unresolved loud snoring, irregular nocturnal breathing and headaches.  A sleep study performed by Dr. Goldman revealed that my airway was being restricted multiple times during the night. I have been consistently using a dental appliance provided by Dr. Goldman for the past three months with remarkable results.  I snore lightly, if at all, and don’t wake up myself or my wife gasping for breath.  My need to take an afternoon nap was immediately reduced.  My wife and I are very pleased with the results of Dr. Goldman’s treatment and the effectiveness of my dental appliance.Jim Stephens,  Sebastopol, CA

Hey, doc:

It’s going really well. I do actually feel more refreshed every morning, which surprised me. I think I had gotten used to just being a bit tired all the time.  No major discomfort so far. There’s a bit of adjustment every morning, as my jaw slowly goes back into place. But nothing I’m worried about. Nothing I would describe as pain.  And Jess says she’s not hearing me snore at all. Or, at the very most, just some slightly louder breathing on occasion. Most importantly, she never hears me gasping at all anymore.  Which is a huge relief to me.

I can’t thank you enough. I think this treatment is really working out for me.

Joe C.,  San Francisco, CA

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2009 and was told to use a CPAP machine while I slept. I found the CPAP machine to be invasive, uncomfortable and leaving me feeling claustrophobic.  I quit using it telling myself I would be fine without it. The next year and a half my pattern of sleep became more and more disruptive to my husband and to me and I was finding myself becoming less energetic and more tired throughout the day. One morning I heard a radio advertisement from Sonoma Sleep marketing an alternative to CPAP for sleep apnea patients.  I immediately called Dr. Martin Goldman for an appointment.  He explained the alternative method, an dental appliance fitted to my mouth, to prevent and/or lessen the sleep apnea incidences throughout my sleep.   It works!!!  My sleep has dramatically improved and I am finally feeling back to my normal self again.

During the trial period of using the oral device, I was going through security at the airport.  The woman in front of me had placed her CPAP machine on the scanner belt.  I was tempted to tell her about my oral device but I was still in the trial part of my therapy.  I would not hesitate now telling anyone who suffers from sleep apnea about this incredible oral appliance.

Thank you, Dr.Goldman.  It has literally saved my life (and marriage).

Linda Perkins,

Santa Rosa, CA

After struggling with every imaginable configuration of CPAP for over
2 months, I thought I would never find a cure for my obstructive sleep
apnea. I was contemplating surgery to remove soft tissue when a doctor
suggested trying a dental appliance such as SomnoMed first.

I met with Dr. Goldman, and he furnished me with an oral appliance.
The first night was the best sleep I had experienced in years!

I love this solution because it is uninvasive (unlike the CPAP). The
appliance is easy to maintain, and I hardly know I am wearing it. I
can sleep in any position and get in and out of bed without having to
remove anything. I recommend a dental appliance as a first option over
the CPAP and encourage anyone who is frustrated with CPAP to try the


Mathew Dudley, Santa Rosa, CA


I have struggled with sleep issues most of my life.  When I was finally diagnosed with sleep apnea I was happy to know I was getting treatment.  I tried the CPAP machine for months and because of being claustrophobic it didn’t work for me.  I received approval for a dental appliance but I still had my doubts. Boy was I wrong!  The very first night using the oral appliance I had amazing results; not only did I sleep the entire night, I started having dreams again, and my body temperature changed to where I didn’t need 7 blankets on my bed.  I woke up with so much energy and felt refreshed.  Everyone noticed a difference in my personality right away.  I am happier, more focused at work and I am not taking cat naps during my lunch break.  I am going out with my friends again and truly enjoy my life.

It was such a pleasure coming to your office.  You and Margaret were so welcoming and kind. I appreciated the time you took explaining the process and the follow up appointments to ensure everything was going OK.  As cliche’ as this may sound wearing the dental appliance truly changed my life!  Thank you Dr. Goldman!!


Stephanie Torres, Santa Rosa, CA

Dear Dr.Goldman & Margaret,

I wanted to write both of you, to thank you for changing my life. I no longer feel like I live in a deep dark hole that I can’t get out of. The depression has gone away and I’m getting happier by the day. I finally feel really good !!! I have more energy to hang out with with my kids and I’m slowly able to run now.

I’m so thankful for the oral appliance you provided for me. I can’t thank you enough. I work in an ER and will recommend this appliance to all.

Suzanne Allen, Santa Rosa, CA

I have had a wonderful experience working with Dr. Goldman and his staff at Sonoma Sleep in Santa Rosa to solve my sleep apnea and snoring.  The special attention to my problem was addressed efficiently and painlessly.  I had tested every CPAP device known to man and none seemed to work for me.  The alternative offered by Dr. Goldman has solved my sleep disorder.  The oral appliance he prescribed has done what the other devices failed to do – provide a restful night’s sleep.  Now before I go to bed, at night, I just insert my appliance and it is lights out!  My snoring has been reduced to a minimum and no more sleep apnea.  I believe my partner is even more appreciative as we are no longer sleeping in separate bedrooms.  Thank you Dr. Goldman!

Kindest Regards,

Larry Hemmerich

Dr. Goldman:

I would like to take this opportunity to apprise you of how grateful I am that you have resolved my sleeping disorder. As you are quite aware, When you first took me in as a patient, I was a different person than I am now. Due to my lack of sleep, I was incapable of doing anything strenuous and had minimal interest in my day to day activity. Many days I would get out of bed, eat breakfast, then take a nap. My snoring during this period was so bad that my partner and I slept in different bedrooms. Thanks to you and your treatment, Olivia and I now share the same bed as we used to before I developed my sleeping problem.

I am now enjoying life, doing things I had no previous interest in and waking refreshed and energized.

Dr. Goldman, my fondest regards to you and your wonderful assistant Margaret.

Thanks again,

Ron Barz

Dear Dr. Goldman

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you and Margaret for your all of your professionalism in dealing with my sometimes difficult and frustrating circumstances. Your office’s willingness to go the extra mile was not missed and was certainly appreciated. You have earned a lifelong client and better than that, I am telling everyone that will listen that this is the best way to treat sleep apnea and snoring. You have made a difference in mine and my family’s lives by allowing for a peaceful sleep in our home.  I awake each morning refreshed and well rested. On a side note, the Moses appliance is an amazing device that is easy to care for and use I am so glad that that is the dental appliance I ended up with.

Again thank you for working so hard to make sure that I have the correct device for my needs.

Thank You,