Snoring Help Berkeley CASnoring can be stopped!

Snoring help is available for this common problem. It’s important to get help as snoring can cause sleep deprivation for you and your family. The problem is often more noticeable to those who are kept awake than to the snorer, but the one who snores can suffer serious health consequences.

You may have seen over-the-counter dental devices or mouth guards advertised as snoring help. While some of these devices may help, they can also cause problems with your teeth and jaw.  Some are so uncomfortable that the device itself keeps you awake at night.  Dr. Goldman will create a custom stop-snoring mouthpiece which will fit comfortably.  The function of the device is to gently remind your jaw to be in the most comfortable zone which will promote an open airway while sleeping.

Depending on the severity of your snoring, a sleep study may be recommended.  The results of this study can dictate which of the many types of dental appliances would be best for you. If moderate to severe Sleep Apnea is involved, a post-treatment sleep study is sometimes indicated to confirm that problems in your sleep patterns and oxygenation have been improved or eliminated completely.

Take a simple test to evaluate your snoring symptoms.

Here’s another easy thing to do to find out about your personal snoring habits.

If you sleep alone or if you are just curious to listen to what you sound like when asleep, you can download an entertaining, well-designed App from itunes.

This is not a medical test, but it can be valuable. Sleep Apnea is a continuum and progressive. That is, at one end of a scale is ‘benign snoring‘ and at the other end of the scale is ‘severe apnea‘.  The trend is usually to progressively worsen with age and loss of muscle tone… 70% of people with Sleep Apnea snore—click here to see the App.  Have fun… and let me know how you do.


Bugs and Daffy struggle with snoring… look familiar?  click here