Sleep Apnea Video

Left Untreated, Sleep Apnea Can and Will Shorten Your Life!!!

The subject in this video is an overweight, older man. However, Sleep Apnea can affect men, women and children regardless of body type. Many sleep apnea sufferers will watch this video and deny that this is how they sleep, even though they literally stop breathing dozens to hundreds of times every night without realizing it is happening. Listen to your bed partner!

If you snore, if you cannot tolerate your CPAP machine, or if you suffer from fatigue and/or daytime drowsiness take action and call us today! We can help you with everything from thorough diagnostic testing through non-surgical, non-CPAP, FDA approved treatment options.

Patients talk about Sleep Apnea and CPAP Alternatives for Treatment:

Dr. Goldman can offer a variety of CPAP Alternatives including the Somnodent MAS and other FDA-approved Sleep Apnea devices. The choice of appliance is dictated by your particular symptoms, history and anatomy. Schedule a consultation appointment to find the best solution for you.