Martin Goldman DDS, Berkeley, CA

b_w-headshot-sizedI am proud of how many people I have been able to help in my career. Thirty years of practice as an ADA Certified Endodontist, requiring two years additional residency training and certification, gives me a unique perspective in helping those having issues involving the mouth, tongue, palate and airway. I have  continued my education with extensive training to become expert in diagnosing and treating Snoring and Sleep Apnea using the latest computer equipment, materials and methods. I have offices in both Berkeley and Santa Rosa, California.

The focus of my practice is now exclusively on the treatment of sleep disorders.

You might find it a uniquely positive experience to come to my office. I will not leave you sitting in the chair while I go check another patient. I will not get called to another operatory to do an entirely different type of procedure.  I will not prescribe a device and leave you to ‘sink or swim’ trying to adjust to it.

Many practitioners will only give you one option, a CPAP. For some, it is the best choice, and for another small group of people, it is the only option.  However, there are also people who can not, or do not wish to wear a mask hooked to a machine all night long.  You have options and so do I… I choose to offer compassionate, principled care along with my considered, undivided attention.

It has been said that anything not carefully measured, can only be an opinion, but once accurately measured, it becomes a fact.

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